is a project aiming to develop and introduce radically decentralized discussion platform in a reaction to increasingly aggressive worldwide efforts to establish and enforce censorship.


Generally, all social platforms today restrict, on various levels, content that falls outside the range acceptable to either their owners, community moderators, or legislation imposed on them. I won't go into argument whether they should. But the spirit of the Internet was always in free exchange of information.

And as they say, freedom of speech either is or is not. I build this for it to be.


Get executables at github.com/raddinet/raddi-builds-windows
Binary releases are MS Windows only (XP or newer, later hopefully Wine and ReactOS).
Note that this is enthusiast's preview version of the software, far from feature complete yet. No GUI.

The source code is published at: github.com/raddinet/raddi

Key design points


For latest status updates and general discussion about the project, I invite you to: /r/raddi
You'll find many technical details and explanations of decissions in my posts and replies, but feel free to ask me anything.

Plan and progress


It would be awesome if you could spare a satoshi or two. Even smallest contributions are greatly appreciated. Every donation represents a person who cares about the importance of having a platform to excercise the freedom of speech.

J, www.raddi.net